Firing #400 5.30.16

Clint Swink is the only professional potter offering Anasazi pottery replicas made entirely with prehistorically available materials, tools and firing technology–which he personally rediscovered– and which are authenticated by the archaeological record — “authentic pottery replicas.” He learned this lost art from prehistoric potters through the silent communication of their work and clues from archaeological resources.

Swink’s authenticity is legendary, the opposite of many “replicas” on the market today which are at best, a short-cut likeness only (buyer beware).  His works are the original true replicas–still the best, bar none!

Each hand-built piece is made from clay he gathers from the prehistoric production area in which the replicated pottery was originally manufactured then built using only wooden/gourd, stone and bone tools. After yucca brush painting with Rocky Mountain Beeplant or mineral paint they are fired in a replicated Anasazi trench kiln using indigenous fuels, pinon pine and juniper, with a 4-step firing process he rediscovered in 1994 after 7 years of experimenting in 199 firings.

The slow process and high firing loss result in a highly collectible, ethical, limited annual output. Most work is commissioned by discerning collectors or supplied to museum collections and galleries. But there is usually some inventory on hand. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a piece, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail. (swink@nullrmi.net)

All Swink’s pieces are signed, chronologically numbered and provided with an ethical pedigree suitable for framing. This pottery is sold as non-functional ware.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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This is a combination of pots and features a typical patterned, indented corrugated neck and a design from an Olla (missing its neck) illustrated in Earl Morris’ Archaeological Studies in the La Plata District, 1939.
#1775 Mesa Verde B/w olla: 30.3 cm H X 33.5 cm W (including handles); $3,700.
This is my favorite cylinder jar. I particularly like the split action of the artwork, which is unique in these forms.
#1794 Chaco B/w cylinder jar; 24.6 cm H X 11 cm wide; $2,450.
 #1790 Cortez B/w mountain sheep effigy pitcher; 21 cm H X 18 cm long X 13 cm wide; $1,200.
#1790 Cortez B/w mountain sheep effigy pitcher; 21 cm H X 18 cm long X 13 cm wide; $1,550.

#1458 Chaco patterned-corrugated culinary jar (used once in The History Channel’s production: “Cannibal Instinct”); 34.5cm H X 32.2cm W; $5,750