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A professional artist since 1970 Clint Swink turned his talents to ceramic replication in 1987 and extensively researched the art and production of Anasazi pottery. His pioneering efforts lead in large part to the rediscovery of lost Anasazi (Ancestral Puebloan) ceramics art forms such as Mesa Verde Black-on-white. His legendary dedication to archaeological accuracy has created a new school of art, an aesthetically pleasing alternative to artifacts, global archaeological recognition of the value of authentic ceramic replication, and “…his labors have kindled a new appreciation for those who left behind the beauty of their art…” (National Geographic, 4/96). 

In the past 30 years he has taught his potting techniques to four generations of students through workshops and his published book, Messages From the High Desert. Swink has painted in various media for over 5 decades. His work is in collections world wide.

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